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Herzog Project

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5 Haim Herzog St.  Hod Hasharon


Herzog project in Hod Hasharon is located next to schools, a country club planned for the benefit of the complex's residents, and in front of the train station and a new commercial center.​

​The project presents a residential, luxurious, high-quality and unique building, which includes 68 housing units that were built with the utmost care for the quality of construction, a high level of finishing and a particularly rich technical specification.

The planning work was done by the firm of architects "Barali Levitsky Kasif Architects and Citys Builders" which is one of the leading firms in its field in Israel.
The planning is done in a calculated manner, addressing all the details, and maximizing its potential.

A wonderful example of this is the design of all the balconies so that they face west, to the open areas of Kfar Melal, and the creation of a variety of apartments in a way that gives the residence a beautiful and different front in the landscape.

The project was built as part of a purchasing group,

while the rights of "Shir- Aharon Development And Management Ltd." are held by the group under the management of Mr. Dani Aharon.

Already when the land constituted agricultural land, the group advanced the process, from the stage when the Hod Hasharon municipality submitted the plan to change the purpose of the land from agricultural land to saturated construction, up to the approval of a detailed city building plan that designating the complex for residential construction.

The project contains 3 floors of an underground basement (which include parking and warehouses for the well-being of the tenants), an entrance floor that includes a luxurious lobby, a tenants' club, a bicycle room and more ...

Most of the apartments owned by "Shir- Aharon Development And Management Ltd." in the residence are intended for long-term rent.



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