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Projects in marketing /  Hadarim Project

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2 Hadarim St., corner of Magdiel Road - Hod Hasharon

​The construction work of the project was done between the years 2021-2022.
Its special location is in fact an "entrance gate" to the east of the city (Magdiel area).

When on its western front another project is planned - "The Seam" project, which includes Ha'Teffer Park which will connect the parts of the city of Hod Hasharon into one organic unit.

The park, in accordance with Hod Hasharon's master plan, will be a green lung within the city, alongside urban public and cultural buildings.

The project was built on the foundations of the mythological "Workers' Council" building, the same building that served the city's residents for years and served, among other things, as a local police station in Hod Hasharon.

"The Sharon Development Financial Company Ltd." was responsible for managing everything related to the real estate field in the project.

From the stage of submitting a city building plan in order to change the purpose of the real estate from private-public land, and up to the stage of approving the plan for residential construction, and planning the residential building that is currently being built on it.

The building was built according to the requirements of "green construction" and with a very high level of finish and rich technical specifications.


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