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Ezer Weizman Project

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14 Ezer Weizman St., 1200 Complex

Ezer Weizman project presents a residential building, with a magnificent, high-quality and unique construction standard. The project includes 65 housing units that were built with great attention to spacious, aesthetic and efficient planning, maximum attention to the quality of construction and extremely rich technical specifications.

The building was built next to the Green School, close to Atidim Park and educational and enrichment frameworks for children of all ages.
The location of the project is close to shopping centers, shopping, leisure and entertainment centers that are being built these days.

The project's planning was conducted by the firm of architects "Barali Levitsky Kasif, Architects and Urben Builders", which is one of the leading architectural firms in its field in Israel.

The firm's standard is reflected in the meticulous and unique design of the building, which is especially noticeable in the design of the front of the building, which includes a variety of apartments in a way that creates a different, beautiful, special and stands out for the residential building.


Most apartments in the building are for long-term rent. The building has 2 floors of an underground basement (including parking and warehouses for the benefit of the tenants), an entrance floor that includes a luxurious lobby, a large tenants club, used for conferences and tenants' events, surface parking and more.

Among other things, the residential building contains:

First floor: Two five-room apartments.

2nd to 7th floors: 5 apartments on each floor, of which 1 is a four-room apartment, and 4 of them are five-room apartments, in a varied design.

8th floor: 2 mini penthouses with extra-large balconies and 2 five-room apartments.

9th to 10th floors: On each floor there are 2 mini penthouses and 2 five-room apartments.

11th, 13th,15th floors: On each floor there are 2 five-room apartments and 2 duplexes, each apartment is spread over two floors, with large balconies and unusual design.

12th,14th,16th Floors: On each floor there are 2 five-room apartments.

17th floor: Two penthouses.

18th floor: A single penthouse (+roof rooms on the 19th floor).


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