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3 Moshe Vilensky St., Green Kfar Saba

​The luxury project on Vilensky Street (Complex 60) in Kfar Saba is a magnificent, high-quality and unique residential building. The building includes 24 luxurious housing units that were built while maintaining the maximum quality of construction
And in particularly rich technical specifications.

The location of the project is in the center of the green neighborhood, with access to main roads and exits from the city.
This, along with the fact that it is an indoor lot, in a pastoral street, which is very close to schools, kindergartens, bike paths, and a high-level environmental development,

makes the building be in an unparalleled location, one of the most sought after and elegant places in the city and the entire region.

The building was built by Y.N.O.B Construction and Development Ltd., a long-standing company with a great reputation when the credit for the design work goes to the architectural firm "Eran Architects Ltd.", which is one of the leading design firms in the Kfar Saba area.

The group targeted the apartments in the residential building for long-term rent.
The building was built following the requirements of "green construction" and at a very high level of finishing, with rich technical specifications and while integrating a wide variety of apartments in the plan.


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